Sunday, March 31, 2013

No-Sew Carseat Canopy Tutorial

What do you get a newborn for Christmas?  Especially a newborn with 2 older siblings?  A carseat canopy to keep the wind/rain/snow/light out!  Rather than pay $49.99 on Etsy, I turned to Pinterest to find a pattern and came up with calico's carseat blanket pattern.  My sewing machine was in the shop, however, so I came up with a no-sew version that I thought I would share here.


polar fleece 50" by 42"
2 snaps or buttons
scissors or pinking shears


1) Fold the polar fleece in half the "long way" and cut the polar fleece to the dimensions shown.  You can use pinking shears if you want a decorative edge, but plain old scissors will do.  Polar fleece will not unravel, so you can leave the edges raw.  Just eyeball the curves- it doesn't have to be exact.

2) At the narrowest part, cut four vertical slits to form the straps, and then snip horizontally across each one.  

3) Add snaps (or a button and buttonhole) to each strap.

4) Secure to the carseat with the blanket under the handle for easy carrying.  Enjoy!

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  1. This is fab - so much nicer than the bought ones.

    Thanks so much for sharing at The Friday Baby Shower, Alice x

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