Friday, March 29, 2013

Room Renovations

Back in January, we decided that we should swap the kids' rooms around to give the two girls who share a room the biggest room, and to make room to host children from Safe Families.  Well, little did we know that we would begin hosting our first child in the middle of the process, or that things would be delayed (which we should always just assume, I suppose), but the rooms are finally done.  Or done enough.  So here are the before and after shots (note how Little Bee seems to sneak into pictures!):


Lego curtains, lots of room for Lego building!

Very studious looking desk (which is already covered guessed it...Legos)


New-to-us bunk beds (thank you!!) with lots of storage.

Check out our finished Closet Treehouse here!

Dress-up corner hidden away behind the bed.

We have a few more things to finish up and hang on the wall (and the office floor to find), but we are thrilled with the new rooms and happy to get back to "normal" after all the chaos.  Phew!  Now are ready to host our first child (oh wait, we've had him for two weeks...glad we didn't let the madness stop us!)

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