Thursday, April 25, 2013

A (Thurs)Day in the Life

I am always fascinated by "Day in the Life" features where different people share how they spend their day.  I thought I would do one now and then, in case any of you also find it interesting.  Blogger friends- I hope you will think about posting one of your days sometime soon!

This was from a day, a while ago, shortly after we started hosting our first child, Little Man.  Not all our days are quite so hectic, but they all have their crazy moments for sure!

5:45- Awake to shrieks.  Lay in bed, considering if it they will actually do harm to each other, or if I can ignore them for a few more minutes.  The door (freshly painted) starts getting kicked, so I go in there.  I lay each down in bed, cover them up, tell them to lay quiet and go back to sleep, I will see them in the morning.  Close the door, three start crying, one is pleading with them to be quiet.  When will our carpet arrive so they don't all have to sleep in the same room?!  Tomorrow?  Not soon enough. 

6:00- I pull myself out of bed, put on my clothes, brush my teeth and check my faceboook and blog roll simultaneously.  Say a quick prayer, take a deep breath, and go to get them up.  I am rewarded with relatively happy faces, and four good hugs.  I nurse Little Bee and talk with Lego, who tells me he is sleeping the whole day away...and never getting up (thinking my introverted child has had about enough togetherness for a while...note to self...find him a place to be alone).

6:30- Scrambled eggs, toast, put in the laundry, empty the dishwasher, chat on the phone with our little man's mother, get four kids dressed, clean up breakfast, sweep floor, wipe off table.  Set Lego up with some Legos alone in my room.  Change another diaper.

8:00- Start homeschool for the day- feeling optimistic, I have planned a week of lessons that everyone can enjoy on their own level.  Little Man needs to learn his colors, so we are studying the rainbow, and Lego is learning about synonyms and starting our ABC geography book we just got.  We do "circle time" and sing a color song, and then get out plastic eggs I filled with different things.  We try to find which eggs contain the same thing by shaking them.  We play a few shake and shake and shake and stop games.  Little Man needs a lot of sensory and speech activities.  So far so good.

8:20- Try to sit down with Lego to work on synonyms.  He is loving it, the other three are climbing on us, helping themselves to water, spilling the water all over the floor.  Flower calls Little Man a mean name, heads to time out where I forget about her for 20 minutes.  Oops.

8:45- Get out some Fruit Loops and pipe cleaners.  We sort them by color into a muffin tin and then string them onto the pipe cleaners.  I string some on for Little Bee to take off, Flower and Lego use theirs to make patterns, I sit down with Little Man and name the colors he is choosing.  All is well, much sugar is consumed, many loops are crunched.  Sweep floor again.

9:00- Lego and Flower escape to my room together to play more Legos.  Younger two attempt to beat down the door to get in.  I collect them and sit down to play with our bin of red objects.  Bee finds an egg shaker I had missed, opens it up and dumps popcorn kernels all over the kitchen floor.  Sweep floor again.

9:30- Put on some music and check facebook on my iPad.  Several friends have posted about the upcoming winter storm tomorrow.  Oh no...please do not delay my carpet delivery.  I don't care if they bring it by horse-drawn sleigh, I need that carpet.  

10:00- Bee loses it.  Put her down for nap.  Wonder if this will be the only nap she takes today?  How will I get Little Man to sleep while she is awake?  Hmmm.  Read Brown Bear and Hungry Caterpillar with Little Man, teach him 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree...nice moment!

10:30- Sip some of my cold coffee, call a friend and catch up for a few minutes.  Aaahh.  Swap laundry over.  Doors slamming...investigate...big kids are opening the door but not letting Little Man in.  Leave Lego to play by himself, get out playdough for Little Man and Flower.  He LOVES playdough!  He makes me a bunch of "birfday caaasss."

11:00- Put a loaf of bread dough in the oven.  Swap laundry.  Clean up playdough, get out cups, dirt and grass seed to plant some seeds.  Head out to the shed to get the potting soil.  Found evidence of a lot of mice, but no soil.  Bummer...have to go to the store before we can plant our seeds and bulbs (we'll see how brave I am feeling this afternoon).  Scrapped that plan and got out cheese, crackers, yogurt and granola for lunch.  

11:45- Cleaned up lunch, swept floor again (yahoo), swapped laundry.  Promised Lego he could play on the iPad if he watched Bee while I got Little Man to sleep.  Held a near-hysterical boy for 30 minutes until he finally conked out.  Phew. Changed Bee's diaper, played DragonBox on the iPad with Lego for a while.  Folded some laundry.  Reheated my morning coffee.  Picked up some toys.

1:00- Whipped up a batch of salt dough while the girls colored.  Defrosted some soup for dinner. Read Lego's geography ABC book and made an archipelago and an atoll out of salt dough.  Microwaved the dough and then painted them blue and green.  This was a lot of fun!  And he is finally old enough that painting is not a full body experience!  Got Bee to lay down for a second nap/rest.

2:00- Chatted with Little Man's mother on the phone.  Read a few chapters of a Magic Treehouse book to Lego and Flower.  

2:30- Little ones woke up, changed diapers, got shoes on and headed to our local inflatable playplace to meet a friend.  They had a great time, and I got to chat a bit with my friend, in between running around looking for all the kids.  I knew they couldn't leave without me (the place tags you like some high security joint, and you have to prove ownership of your kids before you leave!).  One small peed-pants incident...rather funny actually.  Head home.

5:00- Four baths.  Lotioned and oiled up the little ones.  Put soup on the stove, meatballs in the oven.

6:00- Daddy is home!  Ate dinner, brushed teeth and shuttled them into bed.  Sat with Little Man while he cried himself to sleep.

7:30- Four sleeping kids.  Ahhh!  Did a few dishes, used the computer for a bit, played a board game with Hubby, folded a load of laundry and called it a day.

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  1. Legos, Fruit Loops, diapers, cooking, sweeping.....sounds like a busy day. Thanks for linking with Hobbies and Handicrafts.