Sunday, April 21, 2013

Garden Journal #1

It is that time of year again!!  Despite the fact that we got measurable snow on April 19th, we've been working away in the gardens for weeks.  We have been busy prepping our beds, watching our bulbs pop up and starting seedlings to plant when it warms up.

Two weekends ago we made a big, exciting purchase...A ROTOTILLER!  Wahoo.  Hubby diligently tilled 30 bags of compost, plus some compost of our own, into our three backyard beds.  He has laid the watering pipes and things are looking good.  Last year the maple tree dropped thousands of seeds before we tilled and we had a very successful crop of maple seedlings.  Happily, we got the tilling in this year before the maple tree has even thought about seeds, so hopefully we will avoid so many maple weeds this year.

Last week the kids and I planted a few flowers of our own, refilled the sandbox and added some more stones to our patio.  They have been enjoying their "mud pie kitchen" every day that has been warm enough to be outside.  We kicked off the season by roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire in the backyard.

This weekend we added two new areas to our garden!  First, we added a tiny little bed for rhubarb between our shed and garden bed.  It will take a year or two to establish, but I am already dreaming of rhubarb pie!

And speaking of pie...the other new addition is a berry patch!  Hubby got a wonderful, early birthday present of 6 blueberry bushes.  We made a new bed in the beautiful, sunny front yard.  We tilled in potting soil and pine mulch, as the soil needs to be very acidic for berries.  Our baby blueberries should be very happy in there, and we added 12 strawberry plants to keep them company.  High hopes for this one!

We have carrots, peas and garlic in the ground.  Our berry bushes and plants are in the ground as well as the rhubarb.  Our apple trees now in their third year, are looking beautiful- full of buds.  We fertilized them recently, so we are hoping for a good year of apples.  Lettuce and greens of all sorts are growing inside at the moment- should be able to plant them outside soon.  So things are rolling along and we are just waiting for Spring to come and stay.

Hubby and I are going to tend to our blisters and take it easy now...we put in a LOT of work today and we are going to sleep well tonight!

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