Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Arrival

We have a new little sweetie at our house!  She is two and a half, adorable, and will probably be with us for a few weeks.  We'll call her Little Miss. She and Flower are shaping up to be the best of friends and the worst of friends...when they are playing nicely, they are SO happy, but Little Miss' favorite word is "mine" and Flower is quick to point out that no, in fact, it is hers.  Unlike when Little Man was here and mostly left Flower's toys alone, Little Miss looks a lot like Flower and really loves her ponies and dress-ups and dolls.  Competition!  This is Little Miss' first experience with siblings near her age, so I expect that she will quickly get the hang of this sharing thing.  And Flower stands to learn a lot from this as well.  May I have the grace to play referee without getting frustrated!  I really do think we will all have a lot of fun between the inevitable squabbles.  It is SO fun to get to know a new little one, and also to see them bring out sides of your own little ones that you never knew.  Here we go again!!

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  1. Best wishes that Little Miss continues to settle in well.