Monday, April 1, 2013

Pattern Testing

Guess what I got to do?  I got to test a pattern for one of my favorite bloggers, Jenilyn, over at Grits and Giggles.  She just came out with a new pattern called the Lindsay Reverse Knot Dress.  I have now made two of them, and I can say that I just love the pattern.  It sews up quickly- the first took me a few hours, but the second one I knocked out during naptime (which is sadly not a few hours long these days). If you like to sew, even if you are new to sewing, this would be a fun pattern to work up...a perfect little sundress for the summer.

Here are a few pictures of the dresses I made...I am a better seamstress than photographer, but you get the idea.  As you can tell, my model was being a goofball.  The straps tie in the back as a bow, which makes it cute and adjustable.  I felt very "Sound of Music" making Flower's dress because I cut up the old curtains from her room to make it.  Can't wait for a bit of warm weather so that the girls can enjoy their new dresses.  Little Bee has been carrying hers around the house, so I think she will be happy to finally put it on!

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  1. Oooh, what fun to be a pattern tester! :) I don't get nearly as much time in the sewing room as I would like, but I hope to at least get a couple of things made in the next 2 months.