Sunday, April 28, 2013

Screen Free Week

Avoid this:

Join us for this:

We will be participating in Screen Free Week this upcoming week.  Now, in truth, this is more an exercise for me than for my children.  In an average week, my oldest two kids get roughly one hour of iPad time, and perhaps one or two half hour shows...less than a half hour a day.  My 19 month old gets almost none.  We don't own a television, so the only screen they really use is the iPad, or occasionally my laptop.

It is a different story for me...I have a smart phone, an iPad and a laptop.  I am on them WAY more than I would like to be.  Am I the only one who finds that every time I put down those devices, I find another reason I need to look at them again?  I need to find a recipe, a doctor's phone number, access my calendar, e-mail the preschool seems like everything I do nowadays involves a screen.

So this week I will be cutting back a LOT on my screen time.  I will still check my e-mail twice a day, access my calendar, use my phone GPS and I will probably have to communicate via texting with Safe Families, but I am going to try to leave it at that.  (oh, the book I am reading that is on my iPad Kindle app...oh technology, you are everywhere!  I suppose my book will wait)  So wish me luck- and if you need me, call me...the old fashioned way!  See you next week!

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