Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yarn Along- Easter Edition

This little guy got finished up just in time for Easter.  I used the Fuzzy Lamb pattern, and he is a little extra special because he is made from handspun wool from my friend's family farm.  I got a kick out of taking wool from a sheep and knitting it back into a sheep.  

Haven't had much time to sit down with a book lately, but I did recently read this book from the Gifted Homeschooler's Forum.  It was definitely a good read as we are trying to make decisions about what school situation will be the best fit for Lego next year.  

What is everyone else knitting and reading?  I'm joining up with Ginny for her Yarn Along party today...apparently she and I had the same idea for Easter knitting!


  1. What a cute lamb! I just learned how to spin 2 winters ago. I've greedily kept everything that I've knit up with my handspun yarn. I've been making baby clothes for my hope chest. Handspun yarn makes knits extra special.

  2. "...Knitting it back into a sheep." Haha too funny! He turned out super cute!

  3. The lamb is very sweet. Nice to knit with lovely handspun yarn.

  4. "Taking the wool from a sheep and turning it into sheep." That's great. And a super cute sheep.