Thursday, May 9, 2013

A (Thurs)Day in the Life 2

Here is another random day that I documented.  A FUN day!

6:30- Hubby gets up for work, the kids are starting to stir in the other room.  I check my e-mail and facebook and do some work on my blog.

7:15- Okay, I'm up I'm up I'm up.  Say good morning to the kiddos, head to the kitchen to dish up cereal and toast.  Discuss with Little Guy why we don't wring out our Cheerios onto the floor.  Fight a good battle with the lid of a gorgeous jar of raspberry jam that came in our farm basket this week.  After the third attempt I finally get it open and it is as good as it looks.  Yum.

7:30- Try to get dressed, discover all my pants are attacked by children, smeared in food dirty.  Throw my clothes in the washing machine, get the kids dressed, do the girls' hair and get the older two ready for swimming lessons.  Empty dishwasher, sweep floor and wipe off table.

8:00- Help kids finish their morning chores- make beds, tidy rooms and brush teeth.  Try to remove Little Guy's feet from Flower's cowboy boots- he got himself REALLY wedged in there, but who can blame him- you really can't ride a rocking horse without cowboy boots!

8:30- Send two kids off to swimming with Grandma, finally get dressed myself, make my own bed and call the photo studio to make an apt for our Little Guy to get his pictures taken. They can see us at 11.

9:30- Put together dinner for tonight- we have friends coming over (yea!!), so I make lasagnas.  It takes longer than I'd thought and is completed with a crying child attached to each leg, begging me to pick them up.  Hard to drain pasta that way.

10:30- Put the little ones in the van, swing through the library to drop off some rather overdue books, stop at the 7-11 to get some bread.

11:00- Picture studio.  They are SO nice and incredibly patient at this place- and they know our fostering situation and don't give us the hard sell.  44 pictures in my hand when I walk out the door for less than $15.  Boo yah.  Now we have his picture to put up on our family picture wall, and his mom can have the rest of them.  My grandparents just moved up here (yea!), so they met us at the studio to meet the little guy and to help me wrangle Little Bee (who was thrilled to jump into the pictures now that it is NOT her turn to get them taken).

12:30- Home, quesadillas for lunch, clean diapers and naps for babies.  I sit in the rocking chair, ice my sore shoulder and mess around on my computer.  Love me some naptime!

2:00- The older two arrive home from swimming and lunch happy as can be.  Lego heads to his room for quiet time and Flower reads a few stories with me on the couch and then goes to lay down on my bed.  I try to pick up a bit, do up a few dishes from my morning cooking session and lunch.

3:00- Everyone is up and ready for snacks.  Feed them, let them play (not so peacefully- I am breaking up quarrels every two minutes) and hang around waiting for our friends.

4:00- Reinforcements arrive!  My awesome friend and her three kiddos arrive and get to work playing.  New faces are just what mine needed- they play nicely while we get dinner going and chat.

5:00- Feed all seven kids lasagna, bread and fruit salad.  Yes, we feel like lunch ladies.  Clean up the carnage left behind after the meal and get all the kids into their pajamas.  Brush teeth and lay out beds for everyone to sleep in.

6:15ish- All the kids are in their beds.  Boo yah.  My friend and I both take a laptop into a room and sit with the wigglers while they try to settle down.  She is also wrangling her 6 month old, who is not ready to sleep.  We keep this up for about 45 minutes.

7:00- The menfolk arrive!  Both of our hubbies arrive home together- they took the same train out of the city.  We heat up the "fancy" lasagna for us (aka the one with green things in it) and make some guacamole (they make the BEST guac!)  We eat ourselves silly and spend the next five hours chatting, eating and playing Minecraft.  Hey- what's fun enough for a thirteen year old boy is good enough for us!  We have a really great time, and trade off holding the baby, who also thinks it may be a bit too much fun to sleep through.

11ish+- help them pack up, carry the sleeping children out to the van and head home.  We pick up a few critical dishes and then hit the hay.  Will we be exhausted tomorrow?  Yes.  Was it totally worth it?  Yes.

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