Thursday, May 16, 2013

A (Thurs)Day In The Life 3

Look- it is still Thursday for a few more hours, so this can be a (Thurs)Day In The Life post after all.  Not sure I would make that deadline.

Here's another random day at our house for you:

6:50- Wake, pleasantly surprised at how late it is.  Play around on the computer for a bit until I hear the kiddos stirring.

7:30- Breakfast of graham cracker cereal (graham crackers mushed up in milk is one of our faves!), followed by getting dressed, morning chores and heading out the door to piano lessons.

8:45- Quick stop at Target for coffee, creamer and some snacks for our playdate later in the day.

9:30- I wait in the car where the girls are reading and playing on the iPad while Lego has his piano lesson.  I run in to hear the last few minutes of his lesson and say hi to his teacher.  Her flowering trees are so gorgeous I could have sat there and sniffed them all day!

10:30- Arrive home, wait for our friends to come over for our standing weekly playdate.  They arrive and we enjoy some coffee while the kids play.  They play outside with the sandbox and hose and mostly have a great time with very little intervention from us.

11:45- Dish up pasta with sauce and fruit salad for all six kiddos.  Rotate them in and out of muddy, wet clothes and generally hang out.  I chat with the Safe Families staff about picking up our Little Guy for our weekend with him tomorrow, and also about possibly taking a sweet four year old girl for a month or two, starting on Monday.

1:45- Our friends head home, I put Bee down for a nap (not a hard sell today).  Pick up, check email and chat with my mom on the phone.  The older two go to "rest" in Lego's room.

2:30- Flower and Lego are begging for stamps and stamp pads...which is more agreeable to me than the playdough they first asked for, so I get that out for them.

3:00- Some friends from my mom's group come over for a playdate with their kiddos...about four moms and twelve kids, including mine.  We chat, let the kids play inside and out and serve up some animal crackers.  

4:30- People head home and my kids play nicely for a while.  I check in with Safe Families again, write a bit on this here blog, and talk to the husband about his delayed train home.  Hopefully he will be home in time for me to go to a freezer meal workshop at my friend's house- I have all the food prepped, so I really want to go!

5:00- Pop the kids into a bathtub- much needed after all the outdoor mud, water, sand, grunge play.

5:30- Fed the kids the super fancy dinner of cheese sticks and Ritz crackers.  My sister popped by to drop something off.  The kids and I watch the mama bird sit on her nest on our front porch and wait for Daddy to get home.

6:30- Hubby arrives home, I hand off the kids and wait for a friend to pick me up.  She and I load up our freezer meal fixings and head up to our other friend's house for our freezer meal workshop.

7:00- We have a great time chatting and mixing up freezer meals and chatting and drinking wine and mixing up freezer meals, but mostly chatting.  We finally roll back into the driveway about 11pm.  I put my meals in the freezer and fall into bed next to my snoring husband.

What a crazy, fun day full of friends.

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