Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Whole Lotta Lincoln

This past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting up with some wonderful friends of ours in Springfield, Illinois.  We have been studying the early years of America, and this little 36 hour trip was a beautiful addition to what we've been learning about.  To prepare, we read every kid-friendly Abraham Lincoln book we could get from the library, including our favorites- the Magic Treehouse series books about him- both the fiction book and the non-fiction guide.  We've also been talking about settlers and how they lived and made their homes. The second day we visited the capitol building and harkened back to our pre-election studies about the government.   It was so fun to watch the kids make connections between what we were seeing and what they had learned.  I will just do a good old photo dump here (in a strange order because I am short on time to reorder them!) with a few captions.  Enjoy!

We took the tour that included the actual Senate and House chambers.  I thought that was so cool!

The little ones took a lot of the pictures- love to see the world from their angle!

Stephen Douglas 

Awesome friends at the Lincoln Presidential Museum

A dollhouse model of Lincoln's house that we toured earlier in the day.

My children never can resist the call of water.  

Happy girl!

The children's room of the museum was full of great things- including Lincoln Logs, of course.

Checking out our current state officers

Dome at the capitol building

We went to Charlie Parker's...Hubby got the heart attack on a plate!

Every little girl should have a Daddy who puts flowers in her hair!

Add caption

Didn't let the rain slow us down too much!

Admiring "real" Lincoln Logs

The kids' view of Lincoln's home

The toilets were a hit

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