Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mud Pie Clean-Up

It is no secret that my kids LOVE to make mud pies.  This means that nearly every day involves some combination of mud, water, sand, dirt, grass and other schmuck all over their clothes and shoes.  Now I love laundry as much as the next girl (NOT), but I refuse to spend hours on end scrubbing mud spots out of clothing.  So this year we are trying something new- a mud pie clean-up area right in the family room, next to the sliding door to the backyard.

I hung up five hooks, laid down a doormat and put a basket next to it.  On the hooks are some oversized black t-shirts I bought at a thrift store to cover up whatever the kids are wearing when they go out to play.  There are towels for cleaning up wet, muddy people, a doormat for dirty shoes, and a basket filled with sunscreen and hats.  I am trying to find a balance between letting them spend as much of their summer outdoors as possible and not spending all of my summer cleaning up after them.  We shall see if this makes a difference this year.  How do you manage clean up at your house?

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  1. We have a similar station inside the storage shed door, just outside the front door of our apartment. Except we don't have t-shirts to wear over their clothes (genius idea, btw). We also include a couple spray bottles of water and small bottles of baby soap for quick wash up. Its not a full on bath, but it ensures that they are as clean as possible while walking through the living room to get to the bathroom for the real clean up (lol).
    We only just put our clean up station in last week but have already used it 4 times and found it immensely helpful.

    I'm going to have to have a look around and see if I can't find some old black shirts for the kiddos to wear over their clothes. Thanks for the idea!
    Found you via Tuesday Tots.