Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Sleep Manifesto

In light of getting a baby from Safe Families today, and (possibly) jumping back into the world of sleepless nights, I thought I would republish this blog post from my old blog.  It is one of my favorites!

Our Sleep Manifesto: 
The Greatest Sleep for the Greatest Number

Now generally we don't identify with communist ideals* here at our house, but when it comes to sleep, the idea works for us.  Whatever gets the greatest sleep for the greatest number is the way we go.  There are ten bazillion books written on getting children to sleep.  There are countless articles on the undeniable benefits/undeniable dangers of just about every sleep option out there.  Caring parents ONLY sleep with their kids.  Caring parents ONLY put their kids in their cribs.  Caring parents swaddle.  Or feed to sleep.  Or have siblings share rooms.  Or do kangaroo care.  Or bedshare.  Or babywear.  Or do bedtime in a swing.  Use crib bumpers.  Don't use crib bumpers.  Or a car seat.  Or drive their kids around at night.  Or set the car seat on the dryer.  Or give a bottle at night.  Or a pacifier.  Or use an apnea monitor.  Or don't.  

Baloney pants.  

Caring parents figure out what works for them and go for it in a safe and flexible way.  They realize that what works today won't necessarily work tomorrow.  And they don't judge other parents for doing what works for them.  

Some ways we have begged pleaded coerced bored swindled tricked soothed our children into sleep:

On Daddy

On a park bench

In the stroller

In the Ergo

On the airplane

Being carried through a cave

Zipped into a plane bassinet

On the floor
Dressed as a flower

In a sling while big brother rides a horse

Great Gramma's lap- highly recommended!

In the baby swing

In a toddler bed

In the hospital

On the kitchen table

Camping, surrounded by stuff bags

In a carseat
Okay- this one definitely does not work

So in what works for you.  Do it safely.  And try to get some sleep.  Good luck!

*Upon further research, I have just learned that "The greatest good for the greatest number" is in fact a Utilitarian quote by Jeremy Bentham, not a Communist quote, as I had previously thought.  Who knew.

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