Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Museum Trick for Kids

We recently visited some museums in Springfield, IL with our three kids, and some friends of ours.   Here are a few tricks we used to help everyone enjoy the trip.

1) Visit the gift shop first.  Let the kids pick out a few postcards of things that are in the museum.  Then as you visit the museum, search for the things on the postcards, like a scavenger hunt.  This can turn "are we done yet?" into..."wait, we haven't found this one yet!"

2) If possible, take a stroller for as many kids as you can.  They will have SO much more fun if they get to ride when they are tired- and you will have so much more fun as well.  The Lincoln Museum had free strollers to use, so we took enough for all three kids (oddly, they would not let us use an Ergo carrier for the baby, or put kids on our shoulders...the docents there were serious, serious people!)  The strollers worked great, though.

3) Let the kids take pictures.  They enjoy it, and it is interesting to see what the world looks like from their (short) perspectives.

4) Find the kid's area, and feel free to come back to it several times.  Most museums have a section for kids.  We went there several times- once while some of the adults went to see a little film, and in between a few exhibits.  It was our "homebase."

5) Keep it short and keep them fed.  Enough said!

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