Monday, June 10, 2013

Performance Evaluations

I was just thinking back to my teaching days, and the thrice-yearly evaluations.  The principal would come in to observe and then later meet with me to critique my performance.  She was well-known for her brutal honesty and high standards, but at least she believed in prefacing her criticisms with "positive praise statements."

These days the performance reviews are ongoing, the feedback is immediate, and my evaluators don't bother to preface it with niceties.  Rarely does an hour go by where I am not offered honest judgment, and the diaper aisle of Target is as acceptable a meeting space as a closed office.  Unlike my teaching days, the observations focus less on teaching strategies and classroom environment, and instead hone in on sandwich making techniques, the length of time from when the light turns green until I floor it, and my audacious choice to close the bathroom door.  This mommy gig requires a thick skin!

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