Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yarn Along- Baby Robins

We were fortunate enough to host not one, but TWO mama robins and their nests this year.  We all enjoyed the experience, but especially little Bee.  She still looks at where the nests were and asks about the "mamas? tweet?"  I thought my little lady needed a mama robin and some eggs and babies of her own that would not fly away, so I am starting this lovely Spring Robin, along with her nest, eggs and babies.

As for reading, I devoured Divergent, which I just learned was written by a local author.  That might explain why it is our community's summer book choice. Neato. I've also interlibrary loaned a few new nonfiction books on fostering and orphan care that were recommended...usually these trump the fiction as I am a bit of a nonfiction girl, but I couldn't put Divergent down.  I will say, if you liked Hunger Games, you will like this. When I finished Hunger Games, I found myself wishing I could read it again for the first time...  and now I sort of have.  There are a lot of similarities- strong female character, separated from her family in a dystopic world, learning to survive with a little help from a love interest.  You get the idea...fun read.

Linking up with the Yarn Along once again.


  1. How cute that little robin is! The robin is my favorite bird, I love watching them at our feeder. Thank you so much for the Ravelry link.

  2. I just 'favorited' this. What a wonderful pattern, thanks for the link!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. how cute! blessings on your weekend!

  4. A) The robin is adorable!

    B) I DEVOURED the first two books of the Divergent series. Can't wait for the final installment this fall!