Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More house update...

Well, it worked.  We put our house on the market and a week later had an offer that we accepted.  We put an offer down on the new house, which was also accepted.  Both houses passed inspection with only minor issues.  We close on our house on August 9th (which, at three weeks from the offer, was very, very quick)  and then close on the new house August 20th.  We will be staying at my parents' house between those dates.  Our house is mostly packed, awaiting movers next week.  We are a bit sad to say goodbye to this house, super excited to move into the new house, and still somewhat shell-shocked by this whole thing.  Two months ago we had NO intention of moving whatsoever.  We first saw the house on June 20th, put our house on the market on July 9th, and will be in the new house on August 20th.  What a crazy summer.  We continue to feel like this was just absolutely meant to be...and excited to find out what is in store for us as we move in and make this new house our home.  We like visitors and now have room for you all...just saying...

I don't want to jinx anything, but I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the new place for anyone who might be interested.  Am I the only one out there who LOVES looking at houses?!  This place is unique- it essentially has two houses (kitchens and all) stacked on top of each other, a big family room, a garage with a great room over it, and then a 1 bedroom apartment attached on the side.  We are excited to get in there and figure out how we will use the space.

The new place

The downstairs kitchen which will be our messy art space for now.

Upstairs kitchen and dining room...where we'll actually eat.

Upstairs kitchen

Family room

Great room...or the party room as I like to call it!

The apartment


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yarn Along- A New Rug

Life is a bit crazy at the moment, and most of it is out of my control...waiting on signatures and home inspections and whatnot before I can really *do* anything.  So I decided I needed a knitting project on big needles that would be immediately gratifying.  And hey, if we DO get this new house, our playroom will have a rug...some day... or at least it will have a play mat...or at the very least a nice coaster.

I am knitting up a Ten Stitch Twist blanket...though I am holding the yarn double in hopes that it will make a nice, comfy rug.  It is a seriously fun pattern to knit- it spirals around, and you connect it as you go, so there is no sewing up necessary.  I'll just keep repeating the pattern around until I get tired!  I am using good old Red Heart yarn in the Mexicana colorway- bright, primary colors just perfect for a playroom.  Now we just need a house with a playroom in it...we shall see, we shall see.

Linking up with Ginny and her Yarn Along today.

Monday, July 22, 2013

At the Fair

Our little town has a wonderful festival and old-fashioned carnival that comes through each summer.  The parade is awesome because it boasts not one, not two, but seven different groups of Shriners...Shriners on horseback, on magic carpets, on motorcycles, on motorized coolers, on a carousel, on motorbikes, in go-carts.  I mean, can one have TOO many Shriners in a parade?!  After the parade we had some lunch and hit the fair.

Now, in full disclosure, only Little Bee got to attend the parade because her siblings were not behaving themselves, we forgot our sandwiches, and we lost Lego at the fair...our awesome neighbor found him for us...but in between all that, we did manage to have some fun moments.  Life with children, aie aie aie.  Here are a few videos of the fun slide:

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Goings On

Wow, it has been a long time since I've made it to this space.  Things have been rolling along at quite the pace here.  There is never, NEVER a dull moment, and I think we like it that way?!

First we headed off on a wonderful roadtrip tour of the Midwest- especially exciting for our state and geography loving little boy.  Despite the sad loss of our trailer to some busy mice, we camped...a few nights of tenting and a few cabins at state parks...and it was very pleasant.  We saw a ton and I hope to share photos here soon.

In other exciting news, we have decided to go out on a limb and put our house on the market.  Let me back up.  A week before we left on vacation we had been having serious discussions about putting an addition on our home.  We LOVE our home, and it fits our family fine for now, but it doesn't allow us to share our home very comfortably with friends, family or foster kiddos from Safe Families.  Just last week we had to turn down a little boy because he is too old to sleep in with the girls, in our only spare space.  So we were thinking an addition would be great, but it turns out that it would be way too expensive.  Meanwhile, I was browsing the web looking for info on additions and how adding on would affect our home value when...

**Voila** I came across a listing for a very interesting home.  I clicked on it and realized that the house hit everything on our "need to have" list, nearly everything on our "nice to have" list, and even one or two "dream to have" items.  We went to see it (secretly hoping it would be awful) and it was very nice.   Most important to us is the house size, the school district, and the way that this house would allow us to share space.  It even has an attached apartment that might allow us to eventually host teenage mothers and their babies, or possibly parents and children who come to the local hospital from other countries for surgery.  Hubby could walk to the train, which while being further from the city, would allow his commute to remain the same.  Details details...in a nutshell, it is a cool house with lots of potential.  So we thought about it and tried to talk ourselves out of it, and then decided we would go on vacation and see if the home was still available when we got back.

And it was.  Sooo...we hemmed and hawed (and talked to our financial guy and mortgage guy and realtor and all the wonderful people we are so lucky to have advising us!)  We looked for other houses that would be equally interesting and found none that fit the bill.  We looked for every reason why we shouldn't do this.  And then we decided that we owe it to fate, or God, to give it a shot.  I mean, when you find a wonderful house when you're not even looking, and all these little signs and happenstances fall into place, it is hard to chalk it up to chance.

So we spent the last few days taking loads of our stuff to my wonderful parents' house where we will be staying while we show the house.  We packed (with the help of wonderful friends), organized and cleaned like crazy.  It goes on the market tomorrow.  I have to say, it is looking so good I am somewhat loathe to sell it!  We do LOVE our little house, so if all goes wrong, we will not be too sad to move back into our now-spotless house again.  Which very well may happen.  But who knows.  Maybe, just maybe.

We are in the wait and see stage.  Specific prayers:

1) that our house would sell
2) that our house would appraise for enough to make it worth selling
3) that the house we want is still available (we can't make an offer until our house is under contract)
4) that my type-A, risk-avoiding self makes it through without losing it

So that's where I've been lately.  I'll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, I'm going out to enjoy the hot tub here at my folks' house...gotta enjoy life, however crazy!