Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More house update...

Well, it worked.  We put our house on the market and a week later had an offer that we accepted.  We put an offer down on the new house, which was also accepted.  Both houses passed inspection with only minor issues.  We close on our house on August 9th (which, at three weeks from the offer, was very, very quick)  and then close on the new house August 20th.  We will be staying at my parents' house between those dates.  Our house is mostly packed, awaiting movers next week.  We are a bit sad to say goodbye to this house, super excited to move into the new house, and still somewhat shell-shocked by this whole thing.  Two months ago we had NO intention of moving whatsoever.  We first saw the house on June 20th, put our house on the market on July 9th, and will be in the new house on August 20th.  What a crazy summer.  We continue to feel like this was just absolutely meant to be...and excited to find out what is in store for us as we move in and make this new house our home.  We like visitors and now have room for you all...just saying...

I don't want to jinx anything, but I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the new place for anyone who might be interested.  Am I the only one out there who LOVES looking at houses?!  This place is unique- it essentially has two houses (kitchens and all) stacked on top of each other, a big family room, a garage with a great room over it, and then a 1 bedroom apartment attached on the side.  We are excited to get in there and figure out how we will use the space.

The new place

The downstairs kitchen which will be our messy art space for now.

Upstairs kitchen and dining room...where we'll actually eat.

Upstairs kitchen

Family room

Great room...or the party room as I like to call it!

The apartment



  1. Wow, that house looks amazing! And it'll be so fun to figure out how to use all those different spaces!

  2. Hey what's the rent like on that apartment space? Cuz right now it's looking pretty tempting!! Love the party room - that is awesome!