Friday, August 23, 2013

Meant to Be

We just completed a surprise move from a house that we loved into a new house that we love, and can see ourself in for years to come.  We keep saying that this was meant to be, and while it is fresh in my mind, I want to record why.

- This house popped up on my computer screen when I was looking into building an addition on our current home.  We were not looking to move AT ALL, but I clicked on it because I love looking at houses, and something about it caught my eye.  I noticed it has multiple kitchens, so I called Matt over to look.  Then we discovered some other little gems about it.

- The house we are looking to buy happens to be the VERY LAST STREET in the school district that will be the very best for our son.

- The house is just over the border into the next county, and therefore has very low taxes, in a school district that typically has very high taxes.

- It is less than a mile to the train station, so Hubby's commute is shorter, despite living further from the city.  He leaves later and gets home earlier!

- The gifted coordinator at Lego's new school is our pediatrician's sister in law...frankly, just the fact that there IS a gifted coordinator at the school is pretty awesome.  That we "know" her is just icing.

- I have always had an interest in working with parenting teens, as well as expanding our work with Safe Families.  Now we have room to do that.  In fact, our house has a 1 bedroom apartment attached that we hope to share with people who can use a place to call home for a while.  

- Without knowing it, we had already assembled an awesome team to help us make decisions and ultimately go for it.  Our realtor sold my parents their house 15 years ago and has continued to be a dear friend of the family.  We had a wonderful mortgage broker who recently helped us refinance our old house.  We met a lawyer we just love when she drew up our wills...she is competent but not at all arrogant and is a lot of fun to work with.  The final member of our little dream team is our financial advisor who we've recently started working with.  Because he already had all our info, he was able to quickly lay out all our finances for us and help us make the decision to go for it.  Mortgage brokers and lawyers aren't always known for being wonderful and full of integrity, but ours sure are!

- The week that we first saw the house, Hubby was granted a generous stock bonus at work.

- Despite the stock bonus, we were still feeling unsure about money issues.  We asked God to send us the money we would need if this was meant to be.  At the VERY SAME TIME that I was signing documents to officially put our house on the market, Hubby was called into his boss' office and given a small spot bonus.  Right after the other bonus.  Talk about reassurance?!

- Our house sold in a week.  And more than that, it sold to an elderly couple in our neighborhood who needed a ranch home with no stairs.  Win for them and for us.  

- We were afraid that our house would not appraise high enough to sell.  Turns out, the new owners paid cash and did not require an appraisal.  Did you catch that?  CASH OFFER?!  No contingencies. 

- The house we wanted stayed on the market while we sold our house- even through the tense time between when we agreed to sell our house and before we were certain we had the new house.  That was a scary leap-of-faith sort of time.  Risk is not my favorite thing, to be honest, but I'm so glad we went for it.

- The appraisal on the new house came back at exactly the amount we had agreed upon for the contract.  Exactly.

- My wonderful parents let us (and loads of our stuff) stay with them while we showed our house, and again for the two weeks we were "homeless" between houses.  Because of them, having to vacate our house in less than three weeks was doable.

- We have two dear friends and a set of grandparents who have recently moved, and they were kind enough to provide us with all our box and packing needs.  They even loaned us cars, their hard work and watched our kids for us.  And they didn't laugh too hard when we said we were moving, even after saying that we were SO glad that it was them moving and not us.  We are so blessed.

So there you have it...some of the reasons that we feel this is truly the house we are meant to have.  From the day we first saw the house to the day we moved in was exactly 2 months.  Not what we planned to do this summer, but we are so thrilled with our new place.  And as I've said before- this is SO CLEARLY a house meant for sharing.  Now we just wait to find out who is going to come through this house and into our lives next...

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