Saturday, August 3, 2013

Visit to the Farm

Today was an awesome summer day.  We got to do something we've wanted to do for years now- take a visit to the farm that our CSA (community supported agriculture) share comes from.  We drove a little over an hour south to Genesis Growers, home of the fabulous Farmer Vicki.  She was just wonderful- explaining the workings of the farm to us, answering questions, strolling hand in hand with the kids through the fields, letting them pick each type of vegetable, filling them up with apricots and blueberries and treats right from the field.  The kids loved her instantly, and her passion for what she does is apparent from the moment you step onto her land.

Her farm is certified organic, and she has 20 acres around her house, as well as a few other fields in the area that she farms.  The selection of veggies she grows is huge- lots of fun varieties we'd never seen, like fairytale eggplant, purple cherry tomatoes and 2 foot long Japanese zucchini.  We were impressed with how much of the work is done by hand- this is not a large-scale operation.  She primes the water pump by hand, uses tractors from the 1940's and they wash and packs all the veggies right there.  She and her hired helpers (she employs about 14 with an actual living wage this year) manage to put out 450 CSA boxes a week, as well as send produce to two markets.  I don't know how she has a spare moment!

We were so thrilled to see where our food comes from, and more the people who grow it for us.  We knew that we were receiving top quality, delicious, organic food, but now we know that it is lovingly tended by one of the nicest people around.  

Goodies the kids picked at the farm
If a CSA is new to you, I highly encourage you to try one out.  You pay in the winter/spring, allowing the farmer to use your money to begin the season, and then you share in the bounty throughout the year.  You incur both the risk of farming (drought, flood, blight, etc) and the many benefits (tasty, healthy, local food).  You can find a list of CSAs at Local Harvest.  Farmer Vicki also writes a blog about her farm, farming issues in general and recipes.  Check it out...our CSA is always a highlight of our Summer (and now Spring and Fall, too!)

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