Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Days of Preschool

Flower and Little Bee had their turn to start school today.  Bee's class is like a reunion of all the babies born when their older siblings were in the two's class.  Her teacher had a serious deja vu when she saw Bee walk in...she tends to look a bit like her big sister.  She had a blast exploring the room, meeting her teachers and singing songs.  Flower, starting her third year of preschool, was just so excited to see her friends and teachers again that she sprinted in the door and down the hall (so not too many pictures of her!)  Here are the highlights:

She wasn't sure she wanted to take her new backpack out of the bag..

Flower's first day of preschool 2013

Getting so big!

Not worried about this one!

It's nice to have a sister to show you the ropes!

Daddy took a later train so he could take the girls out to breakfast before school.  

Off she goes! (Note the sobbing and clinging to Mommy...)

Took her a few minutes to figure out how to cross her legs like her teacher!

Gee Bee, did you like it?!  Cheesy grin.

 And just for comparison's sake...yes, those girlies sure do look alike!
Bee's first day 2013

Flower's first day 2011

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  1. Lovely pictures - and wow they look alike!

    Very impressed by no clinging to mummy, Alice @ Mums Make Lists