Sunday, September 15, 2013


Four has been the magic number in our house lately (which could explain my absence in this space...)

We are starting the fourth week in our new house.

Lego has had fourteen days of Kindergarten and so far is l.o.v.i.n.g it.  Fingers crossed!

We have four kids in the house...three of our own and a Safe Families child that I will call "Sprint"

We celebrated Sprint's fourth birthday.

We celebrated Flower's fourth birthday.

Add in a family reunion and Bee's upcoming birthday and we have four parties this month.

Yes...I guess they were wrong when they said good things happen in threes.  For us, I guess they happen in fours!  Here are some recent pictures...four, plus an outtake I had to share.

Sprint's Basketball cake...his arrival has at least doubled the athletic ability in this house!
We like cake in this house!
First Barbie doll...
...from an aunt who knows how to make that girl smile!
And here is Bee not only photobombing the obligatory Mom-Birthday Girl photo, but trying to take a selfie with her toy phone.  Kids these days.

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