Monday, October 7, 2013

Parenting Merit Badges

At our house we have long thought that parenting is best seen as a series of amusing little challenges to be conquered, wisdom to be acquired.  Wouldn't it be fun if, like the scouts, parents got to earn merit badges to sew onto their mommy-jeans or spit-up-covered t-shirts?  What merit badges would you award?  Here are a few that we have earned so far...
  • Improvised Diaper Merit Badge
  • Roadtrip from Heck Merit Badge
  • Simultaneous Naptime Merit Badge
  • Pediatrician's Number by Heart Merit Badge
  • Bodily Fluids Merit Badge
  • Overseas Flight Merit Badge
  • Foreign Object Removal Merit Badge
  • Nursing in Public Merit Badge
  • Not in Front of the Electrician/Plumber/Orkin Man Merit Badge
  • Repeated Curse Word Merit Badge
  • Grocery Store Meltdown Merit Badge
  • Family Picture Day Merit Badge
  • Room Mom Merit Badge
  • Moving with Kids Merit Badge

1 comment:

  1. Emergency Room badge, Preschooler Haircut badge, Child Dialed 911 Without Your Knowledge badge...

    A lot of my badges are medical: MRI, EEG, 3 kids surgeries, blood draws, etc.

    I totally want a tote bag with all my badges sewn on it.