Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sharing My Kids

Two things surprised me about having kids...well, not just two, but these two in particular:

1) How much fun it was to share them with my friends and family and watch them bring joy to people I love.


2) How much I wanted to hoard them.

When they were tiny I couldn't even imagine sending them to school or letting them out of my sight.  I reluctantly went back to work when Lego was 12 weeks old, but I left him in the care of Hubby.  As time has passed and my kids have aged, I find that there are more and more times when they get to hang out with other adults...teachers, piano and taekwondo instructors, therapists, babysitters...yes, somedays it feels like I am outsourcing my children!  And as we invite more (carefully selected) people into our children's little world, I am having to let go of a bit of control over my children's daily lives, but I am finding it to be a huge blessing to us.  I can't be everything to my children, nor should I be.  They have needs and interests that are far outside of my expertise.

I feel so lucky that my kids get to spend time with a bunch of really wonderful, talented adults.  We really value the time our kids get to spend with them- not just for their expertise, but for the examples of kindness, integrity and intelligence they set for them.  This was really brought to mind today after the morning I had.  I talked to two of my kids' teachers, the school diagnostician, the school nurse, our pediatrician, a physical therapist and the head of the orthotics department at Children's Memorial (about Flower's toe walking habit- but that is a story for another post!) and the sweet bus driver (who didn't leave my boys alone when I was stuck on the wrong side of a freight train at pick-up time)***.

All these people are on my team- how cool is that?!  They are all working to make sure that the children in my care get what they need.  And while it is sometimes exhausting keeping up with all these people, I am so lucky to have such heavy hitters on my team.  It is reassuring to be able to call in an expert for advice.  To have someone say- yes, this is an issue, and it is an issue that we have dealt with hundreds of times and these are the steps we are going to take.

So here's a bit of thanksgiving for all of my awesome "support staff."  I couldn't do it without you, nor would I want to.  Perhaps it is not a coincidence that my 4 year old daughter announced that she wants to be a Social Worker when she grows up so she can "drive kids around and put families back together" (or, as a backup, she might be a cowgirl).  She sees how much these people add to our lives and wants to be a part of it.  We are so blessed!

***donations towards my cell phone bill and gas mileage being accepted now :)

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