Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Little Pre-Christmas Cheer

We kicked off the season with the girls' preschool Christmas program tonight.  I am going to share a gratuitous amount of pictures and videos for family who wasn't able to make it...and anyone else who needs a little Christmas cheer!

Little Bee decided to wear her purple boots and her teacher and I agreed that 7pm was not a time to pick a battle with a two year old...and then lo and behold when we told her she could wear the boots, she wanted her black dress shoes.  This is the one shot she consented to almost smiling in :)  But there were smiles, really!

Flower is into the posed pictures these days...

She had the best time- smiling and waving and singing her heart out.  Tallest kid in the class!

At an hour past her bedtime, Bee wasn't so sure about the whole thing, but she did enjoy the cookies at the end!

Getting the two year olds to walk into the church was a bit like herding cats.  Cute cats.  She didn't scream or cry though, putting her in at least the top 50% of the class :)

One picture with both girls!

And the Bee decided she might like to wander around a bit.  She really does give some stellar dirty looks.  I think the red-eye makes it even better...laser eyes!  See if you can spot her in the videos...she is wandering around, and then sitting on the teacher's lap.  Flower is front and center singing every word and doing all the motions.  Oh, the difference two years makes!  

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