Monday, December 9, 2013


We are entering a crazy time with our little Miss Flower.  Along with being smart, spunky and a touch sassy, she is a TOE WALKER.  Big time a human barbie doll.  So, now that she is four, it is time to address the issue, before it starts to take a toll on her knees and back and she finds herself unable to do all the things she loves to do.

Soooo....starting in January, she and I will be off to Children's Hospital every Monday morning bright and early for serial casting.  Each week they will cast her legs in an increasingly flexed position, allowing her muscles and tendons to grow longer.  We will continue this for anywhere between 6 and 18 weeks, depending on how her legs respond.  Then she will be fitted for leg braces- one pair she will wear all day, every day, and another pair for nighttime that will hold her legs in a stretched position so that the muscles do not tighten back up.  She will wear the leg braces for years to come.

According to the awesome PT and orthotist we are working with, the real hard part is completing the 60 minutes of physical therapy a day...though to be honest, driving over an hour into the city and back for a 3 hour appointment doesn't seem like it will be too easy either.  It will be a 7+ hour trip each week.  Luckily, we have wonderful, generous family living nearby who are willing to help with the other kids.  A neighbor will put Lego on the bus in the mornings for me, and Bee is able to go to a full day of school on Mondays at our beloved preschool.  Grandmas and Great Grandmas will pick up all the other hours.  SO BLESSED!

We won't be taking any Safe Families kiddos (once our current guy returns home supposedly right before Christmas) until we get through the thick of this. That should simplify life a bit.  Keep Flower in your prayers as we start to figure this all out.  I am sure that it will become old hat in no time and won't slow her down for long, but at the moment we are filled with questions like "what can you wear over huge leg casts?!" "how do we keep her from kicking a hole in the wall while she sleeps?" and "how are we going to keep her casts dry in the snow?"

So that's our newest adventure, starting January 6, 2014.  Here we go...

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  1. We've done serial casting! :)

    These are the most pertinent posts, but if you click "club foot" at the bottom of any of those, you'll get everything where I've talked about Katie's experiences. Of course, I didn't have to deal with snow! Good luck!