Thursday, January 2, 2014

End of Year Giving?

We talk a lot about "year end giving."  If you are anything like me, my inbox was flooded with last-minute opportunities to give.  Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing.  But what about some


Instead of waiting to see what we have leftover to give, let's give some off the top...bring out those first fruits and offer them up to some great causes.  There are a million ways to share what you have been giving...pick one close to your heart.  Here are two that are close to mine today:

I've had a lot of wonderful snuggle time with my sweet children over the holidays, which has put my mind on those who don't have their children in their arms...yet.  Let me introduce you to two sweet families whose biggest goal of the year is to bring their little ones home from orphanages across the world.  If you can spare a few dollars for these kids, it would mean a lot to their families, and just might start your year off right.

They both have wonderful blogs where you can get to know them a bit, so I won't share too much...just that these are both special, awesome families who could really use a bit of a boost in their adoption bank accounts.  These kids both have parents and siblings waiting to snuggle them, play with them, get them the food and medical care they need and put them right where they belong- in a family.

The Novit Family, adopting Gage, a 3 yr old from E. Europe: Their Blog and Their Fundraising Page

The Williams Family- Kristen and recently-adopted and overly-adorable Munni who will be returning to get a little sister, Baby R- Their Blog with fundraising link.

Have a wonderful 2014.  If you live near me, enjoy all the beautiful snow that just keeps falling.  There are few things prettier than a fresh layer of fluffy snow!  And please, if you can spare even a small donation, start the year off by blessing these families!

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