Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Miracle at the...DMV?!

This morning, the little ladies and I had the most unpleasant task ahead of us- a trip to the DMV to pick up our handicapped parking placard.  Ugh...I hate going there on the best of days without two kids in tow.  We drove the 30 minutes over there, and when we pulled up the front was boarded up and there were yellow poster boards announcing "CLOSED DUE TO INCIDENT."  NOOoooooooooo!!!!

I sat in the car, looking up how long it would take to get to the next closest office (an hour), when a man walked up to the door.  Another man came out of the building to tell him that yes, it was really closed at least until tomorrow.  Turns out a car had driven through the front of the building (guess that person didn't pass their driving test?!)  I rolled down the window to ask if I HAD to go to a DMV to get my pass, or if there was anywhere else I could get one.  He looked around and then asked quietly if I had all the paperwork filled out.  I did and handed it to him.  He looked it over, looked around again, and then told me to park and come in.  I lugged the girls in (demonstrating clearly why I need this pass when Flower fell off my piggy back and bonked her head), he typed a few things in the computer and handed me my pass.  The place was full of workers sweeping up glass, tearing down a broken wall...what a mess!  But they were kind enough to help me out.  Hallelujah!  

Guess I can't complain about the DMV anymore.  Didn't even have to wait in a line.  Boo Yah!

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  1. Wow! We had a vehicle drive into our house once.

    I've been blessed with reasonable waits and fairly painless procedures both times I've gone in for placards. (Hannah and Katie each have one, so we keep one placard in each vehicle with copies of both girls' paperwork in both cars.)