Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh yeah...

Okay, according to a bunch of comments I've gotten, in the flurry of Christmas, I don't think I mentioned on this blog that our latest Safe Families child, "B," returned home.  He went back to his family (a LOT of family...all living in a very small home) a few days before Christmas.  He was with us for over two months, during which we had a lot of ups and some downs.  He learned to read, write his name, make believe, ride a bike, eat dinner at a table and play with siblings.  We loved him up the best we could.  Sending him home was hard.  I guess I could say a lot more, but the words aren't really coming, so I will just stick with the quote above- it sums it up pretty well.  Glad we got to know the little guy!

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