Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Serial Casting- #2

As promised in my first post about Flower's casts, I will write a bit about her second week, and especially getting her casts off.

First you must understand that I was rather traumatized getting a cast off my leg at age 4...totally convinced that they were going to saw my leg off.  I tried very hard not to pass this fear down to my child, so we didn't really talk about getting the casts off.  These people casts kids legs all the time and get them off one way or another, so I figured they probably knew how to do it without scaring the daylights out of them.

And that turned out to be true!  They brought in the (incredibly magical Stryker saw), explained to her that it would sound like a vacuum- because it is part vacuum- and that it would probably tickle so much she would giggle.  They gave her noise-canceling headphones and cut those babies right off.  She giggled the whole time.  I attempted to maintain an even heart rate and convince myself that they were not going to saw my child's legs off.  I guess I am the one with issues!

We had a VERY long appointment- over three hours in a small room with a four year old.  The first hour are two are a nice bonding time.  Hour three is a lot less fun...but the good news is that in the first week she made some good progress with the angles of her feet.  The PT was proud that she had worn a hole in the heel of her cast- said that means she's been doing lots of heel walking and exercises...which she has!

I forgot to get a picture of her casts this week, but one is blue and the other purple.  We are having a hard time keeping her cast boots on this week- she has some foam lifts in them that are popping her feet right out.  That has been tricky...we have attempted to modify them with duct tape (they make CUTE duct tape these days!), but we are still putting them on and back on many times a day.  Will have to ask them about that at the next appointment.  But overall, its going well.  

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