Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Serial Casting Update

Look- there are legs under there!  Playing with her marble maze.

Wrapped up and ready to be casted.

Going out to lunch after casting is a fun treat.  We are both enjoying our time together.

This week Grandma came along, which was lots of fun!

We continue on with our serial casting adventure.  She is currently on her 6th week of casting, and is doing quite well.  According to her team, she has reached the range of motion they are looking for in both of her ankles.  The bones in her feet are nearly aligned.  They are pleased that her calf muscles have not fact they have grown.  This is a testament to a) how hard she is working doing her PT exercised, and b) how LITTLE she was using those calf muscles walking up on her toes all the time.  We anticipate that in the next few weeks they will decide that she has gained what she needs to gain, and they will take molds of her legs to build her AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics).  While they build them, she will get 2-week holding casts (and we will get a week of from driving downtown...plan ahead, no doubt it will be a lovely day with no snow, since every time we drive to the city we seem to bring on a blizzard).  She will wear the AFOs 24 hours a day (well, she will have a daytime pair and ones for night) for around a year.  At that point we will wean her off the daytime braces slowly.  She will continue to wear AFOs to bed until she stops growing- probably ten years down the road.  We will continue with the PT exercises for an hour a day as long as she still wears her daytime AFOs.

So we have a lot ahead of us still, but it looks as if the casting is working and we are eager to get out of the casts and into the AFOs...which will allow for such luxuries as bathing, walking in puddles and not having to wear bags (albeit VERY cute mama-made waterproof bags) over her casts to go outside.

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  1. Would love to hear more about mamma made waterproof bags and activity tolerance? Our 5 year old is so excited for t ball-- but sadly his serial casting will go on for atleast 3 weeks of t ball 😕. He's an active boy with tight heel cords but no toe walking... Any words of advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated!
    T Riehl