Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A New Room!

Well, this was supposed to be one of those fun before and after shots...but I realized after we cleaned up and put this room together that I had never taken a before picture.  Which just goes to prove that it has been in a state of utter chaos and mess constantly since we moved in last August.  But now we have a guest room...a grown up guest room.  We have a playroom/guest room with a twin bed that has served as a bedroom for our Safe Families kids- and we almost always have the pack n play set up in there for whatever visiting babe we happen to have at the moment (the same reason we have a high chair in our kitchen when our youngest has been out of it for over a year...it gets used at least once a week by friends and I got tired of hauling it in and out of the garage!)  So now we have a guest room with a Queen sized bed.  Come visit us, put any kids you have to bed here and we'll have a glass of wine and play a game!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE to have people over!  Your room is waiting!

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