Friday, March 7, 2014


Oh, oh, tomorrow is one of my favorite mornings...RESALE SHOPPING DAY!  The huge resale in our area is on.  I have a friend coming into town with her husband and ADORABLE baby to join us.  We get up early, a couple of us meet there at 8am to get our numbers, then grab a cup of coffee before we start our power shopping at 9am.  

I get the majority of my kids' wardrobes at these twice-yearly events...for three kids I tend to spend a bit under $200...not bad if you ask me.  There are TONS of clothes, shoes, toys, books, and a lot of baby gear.  I wish I had known about these when Lego was little.  Babies outgrow things before they wear them out, so most of the stuff is in pretty nice condition.  

I have gone through the kids' clothes and bins, figured out what they need for the Spring and Summer and made my list.  I like to include not only what they DO need, but also...NO PAJAMAS for LEGO or NO SANDALS for BEE. 

Now if they would just have a rack of clothes that all fit me...

Hooray for resales!

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