Monday, March 17, 2014

Serial Casting Graduate!

Someone is excited to get her casts off!

Have we mentioned that this process requires a LOT of waiting?

Worth the wait- her nighttime AFOs with PURPLE straps!

Finally getting to wear the fancy outfit from her Aunt and Uncle!

Check out those shoes and her daytime AFOs

But really, the backs are cuter...she picked horses and has named them Elsa and Anna.
I am happy to report that we have no more casts at our house today!  We went in for a marathon appointment today. They cut the casts off, we washed her legs as usual, and then they brought in both her day and nighttime AFOs (ankle foot orthotics).  They drew a chalkline around where they wanted them to sit, and then took them down to the "shop" to have them adjusted...while we did a nice long puzzle and read some stories.  Then she got her feet and ankles measured again, walked up and down for the specialists to see, and then we discussed things like seeing a physical therapist out by us each week, horse-riding therapy, what to do and not do with the AFOs, and they taught us the 4 exercises she has to do without the AFOs each day.  

Then they brought them back up, and we started the l.o.n.g process of trying to figure out which of the three shoe sizes we brought along would be best.  We CRAMMED her feet into them over and over, trying to loosen them up.  They removed the foot beds, watched her walk, put two foot beds in one side, watched her walk, took one out, watched her walk, etc.  I appreciate that they REALLY fine tune it and want to get it just perfect...making sure her pelvis is level, her knees are at the correct angle, etc.  Then we got our PT exercises that we will do with the braces on.  Finally, finally we hit the road.  

She got to take a short bath (this week we have to limit it to 10 minutes to prevent any swelling that could make the AFOs tight), but she really enjoyed it.  Then she got to try on the beautiful purple outfit that her Aunt and Uncle sent her from Singapore as an end-of-casting gift.  She was soooo pleased.  

She is feeling good about the braces- eager to show them off to everyone.  She went to bed tonight in her nighttime braces with the strict instructions NOT to walk on them...not even as far as the bathroom.  Luckily, it looks like with a bit of practice she will be able to get them on and off by herself (the daytime ones with the shoes are another story- not easy to get on even with help!).  And so we move on to the next phase...

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