Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yarn Along- Happy Birthday Edition!

In honor of the late Mister Roger's birthday this week, I thought I had to do a little ode to my most favorite sweater pattern...the in threes cardigan.  We have a few little versions of this sweater that seem to get worn at least once a week or so.  It is fun to knit, easy to knit, seems to grow with the child, and is cute to boot.  I know it doesn't ZIP up the front, but Mister Rogers, consider yourself honored anyways!

As for reading, I have just picked up a copy of Growing Up Again, by Jean Clarke...a book that was recommended at the last Safe Families training.  We are also reading a lot of American Girl Doll stories right now- both in print and the audio books.  Haven't picked one up in about 20 years, so it is kind of fun to revisit the stories and watch my children enjoy them.  So far we've read Kirsten's stories and have started on Molly.

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. We have a Molly in our closet, belonging to the college senior. We, too, read through all of them that were in print at the time. Mr Rogers was a rock in my childhood. Miss that time in life, when changing your shoes and zipping your sweater settled you in. Great sweaters, by the way.