Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Garden Journal 1

It's that time again- garden time!  And while there has been a bit of this:

I think it is <almost> safe to say that the snow is gone and it is time to garden for real.  Woot woot!  This year we are going to enjoy the vegetables out of our CSA box, and just focus our garden efforts on things that take a few years to get established.  No big veggie garden for us this year, but we did plant 2 apple trees, 2 cherry trees, a bunch of blueberry bushes, and 50 strawberry plants.  We are trying the strawberries-in-gutter method that has been floating around the interwebs and we are curious to see if it works.  We put them on the railing of our very sunny deck, so hopefully they will be happy and give us lots of berries that are close enough to the house that our wildlife will ignore.  We love deer and do not want to pick a fight- they were here first- but we did fence our new trees and are trying out that nasty smelling Liquid Fence stuff to try to keep them off the blueberries. I somewhat doubt that we will get any blueberries this year, but we can hold out hope, right?  And can I just say that having a dump-truck deposit soil and mulch DIRECTLY INTO THE GARDEN BEDS is so luxurious!!  No shoveling, wheel-barrowing and dumping it this year...which is good, because it took a LOT of dirt!

Here are a few pictures of what we've been working on.
April 13th

April 14th...what?!

Mail order trees and bushes!

Preparing the garden bed

Right in!!

It looks like less dirt from a distance...

Blueberry bushes!


Gutters for the strawberries installed on the deck.

So far so good!

Bee worked SO hard to carry all the trees over for us.

We shall see what grows faster...girl or tree!

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