Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Horsing Around

It has been a while since I've updated about Flower's legs.  She is out of the casts and into her day and night AFOs.  After an initial struggle to find shoes that were big enough to fit the braces, but not so big that she tripped over them, we are getting into the routine of wearing them.  We are still keeping up with the daily hour of physical therapy exercises (ugh), but our trips down to the city have gone from weekly to monthly (hooray!).  After sailing through the serial casting program with great success, we are finding this part of the program difficult...she is still finding ways to walk up on her toes, even with the braces, and she is really having to relearn how to walk and shift her center of mass.  

It is a long road, but we are doing our best.  She sees a physical therapist out by us each week, and in addition, she has started doing equine assisted therapy at a local farm.  She LOVES this- by far the best therapy of the week!  Here are a few pictures of her on her trusty steed, Taco.  She works with an instructor who is an occupational therapist, and a couple of fabulous volunteers who lead the horse and walk beside her to make sure she stays on.  I used to help with a therapeutic riding program in college, so it is fun to be back at a farm!  The sun even came out for us today so she could ride outside.  Fun!
Hopping onto Taco

Off they go

Some backwards circus riding!

Someone else has to get in on the action as well!

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