Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here's My Card...

Our friend Lindsey has been getting loads of attention on the Interwebs for her "Cards Against Harassment" website, and the videos she has posted of her confronting her cat-callers in Minneapolis. She has always been awesome, it is nice to see the rest of the world noticing.

 Her story makes me think that I need a set of cards to hand out to the strangers who feel the need to comment on the number/age/color of my children.  

Yes, I have my hands full!

No, the black one and the white one are not twins.  Heh heh heh.

No, the Mexican baby does not have my eyes.

No, I don't get paid well to take care of that child.  I don't get paid at all, as if it is any of your business.

Why doesn't his mom want him?  Did you really, honestly say that aloud in front of a child?

Are those my real kids?  Why I brought my fake kids.  The real ones are at home.

And for the last time, YES!  I know what causes that.  And thank you for asking in front of my children, who now really want to know what causes it, too.

Don't get me wrong...we usually get lots of smiles and nice comments when we are out and about.  If you want to tell me my kids are beautiful, or even better, well behaved, please do.  It makes my day.  I love when older men and women sigh and tell me that my brood reminds them of their kids many years ago.  And I know the makeup of our family sometimes makes people curious.  In general, I love to share about Safe Families and the wonderful bonus kiddos that we care for.  But every now and then we get the Target-shopper version of the nosy neighbor who feels entitled to the nitty gritty details of our lives because we don't all match.  That irks me.  And when they ask those questions in front of my children, it irks me a lot.  

What ever happened to keeping your thoughts to yourself and minding your own beeswax?  MYOB people.  MYOB.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Catching Up!

Long time no blog.  Catching up, bullet-point style:

  • It is summer!  We are loving summer.  I have not been blogging because we are loving summer.

  • New Safe Families baby in da house.  She is 11 months old and we will probably have her about 6 weeks.  We are 3 weeks in so far.  She is starting to get the hang of eating baby food and is no longer giving us the "WHAT is that goo you are trying to poison me with?" look, before spitting it back out at us.  She has adorable pigtails, so we let it slide...

  • Our friend Allison (soon to be Allison, PhD) showed us around her physics lab.  She even let us play with liquid nitrogen.  She poured it with a baby on her back.  How bada$$ is that?!  (no children were harmed in the making of this fun)  It was a total high point of a weekend that...

  • ...included tenting through a 6 hour thunder storm with four kids.  So. Very. Wet.  Re-hating the mice that destroyed our pop-up trailer.  

  • Cleaned out our gazebo and have been enjoying eating out there.  Great for playdates with 15 kids!  Turns out that I have a lot of kids, and most of my friends have a lot of kids, which means that having 2 or 3 friends over can mean at least a dozen kids.  Good thing they are AWESOME, otherwise it might get crazy around here.

  • Had a date night at the fair.  Bumper cars are still fun.  Possibly more fun if you don't go out for burritos first...

  • Took four kids to the Planetarium by myself.  We had a good time.  These outings are getting easier as they get older and they are just SO MUCH FUN to hang out with.

  • We got to have birthday dinner with "B" this week!  In full disclosure, he and his mother were two hours late, missed dinner, we picked them up on the side of the road, drove to Potbelly for birthday milkshakes, gave him his present and drove them home to a bad neighborhood, with me squished between two carseats with him on my lap.  So totally worth it.  So nice to get to see him, love him up a bit, and make sure that someone sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  I suspect God is trying to cure me of my Type A tendencies...

  • Flower is loving her horseback riding therapy sessions.  She is getting good- she even gets to trot sometimes.  

  • Lego and I are learning computer programming together on Kahn Academy.  We are having a blast forgetting semicolons and occasionally making things work.  It is neat to learn something totally new.  And doesn't hurt to have a pretty good tutor in the house.   Ironically, in trying to post a link to Lego's first project I managed to delete the whole blog post...guess I better keep learning.  We make things like this:  Checkerboard Rainbow  What's for Dinner

  • We declared today a Pancakes and Pajama day, and didn't leave the house.  It was wonderful.  The kids made breakfast, we did a science kit about acids and bases, we drew bunnies (why not?!), listened to Flower reading some REAL books (you go girl!), and ate dinner in the gazebo.  We should will do this more often!
Feel all caught up?  Good!  What are you up to this summer?