Sunday, August 10, 2014

Half-Black Belt!

It was Taekwondo testing day today (ALL day- we were there for 8 hours!)  I started off the day by testing for my brown belt in the morning, and then Lego tested for his half-black belt in the afternoon.  It was an awesome, exhausting day!  Here are a few photos and even a video of him doing his forms.  Taekwondo is so much fun, and a million times MORE fun because we can do it as a family.

New brown belt mama and a slightly nervous boy waiting for his turn.

Here he comes!

Doing his forms

Self-defense with one of his instructors

Broke the board with a flying side kick on his first attempt!

I think he's rather proud!

Blurry, but it captures the moment.

Next stop, BLACK BELT!

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