Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Years ago, in our premarital counseling, we read a book called about margin (okay, I read it and have teased my husband for 9 years about the fact that he did NOT read it by quoting from it liberally).  The gist is that you need margin in your life- a bit of space around the edges so you don't fall off.  Margin of time, margin of money, margin of sanity!   

As we've collected children, they have proved to us again how important the idea of margin is.  Living on the edge is not all its cracked up to be- much nicer to be cushioned on either side.  In our work with Safe Families, we often remark that what separates us from the families we work with is that they are living with no margin, no safety net.

Today, I came across a great article about the same topic, but applied to life with "differently-wired kids." I loved it and had to share. We have found that Lego in particular needs a LOT of margin in his life.  He enjoys being with people, playing with friends, going out, but it takes a lot out of him.  He is a consumate introvert- he needs his recharge time.

I wrote here about how we have declared Thursdays our sacred pajama day this year.  No school, no appointments, no classes, no nothing.  It has added a nice amount of margin back into our lives, and we are all feeling good about it.  We are really striving for that margin.  And when margin fails, there's always coffee...

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