Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The City Museum

For Lego's 7th Birthday we decided to take the kids on a surprise trip down to St. Louis to visit the City Museum.  We had been told by several people that it was a not-to-be-missed experience, and it was!  As an added bonus, our dear babysitter now lives down there, and joined us as well.

The museum really defies description- it is an enormous jungle gym and play place for adults as well as kids.  It has caves, ball pits, a skateless skate park, climbers, multi-story slides, and even a ferris wheel on the top of the building.  It is open until midnight on Saturdays, so we enjoyed it for many, many hours.  On Sunday morning, we visited the Arch before hitting the road for home.

As an added treat, we stayed at an AirBNB.com listing that was INSIDE the museum...it required a secret elevator code, a gate code, and is just beautiful- made by the same architect that designed the museum.

Perhaps the best way to describe it is just to show some pictures.  We HIGHLY recommend it!

St Louis or bust!

The shower is made from Coke bottles!

The perfect doormat for our loft!

The gate we used to get to the loft.

On the roof!

From the Ferris Wheel

Steep slides!

Really neat at night!

At the top of the Gateway Arch!

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