Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmasing 2014

Long time, no blog!  Here's a quick look at December:

Cut down our Christmas tree on a 33 degree day.  Seemed like a good idea until the boots started getting sucked off in the mud...


They clean up pretty good though!  Preschool Xmas programs.

First Xmas celebration with the Great Grandparents, my parents, Aunt and Uncle and cousin.

Fun with Grampa!

Christmas pageant.  That little cow *may* have thought the wise man's coins were made of chocolate, stolen them and started a nativity brawl.  This momma *may* have crawled under the altar to break up said brawl. Good times... 

Reading "The Night Before Christmas"

Santa brought a PET?!  FISH?  Doesn't he have to clear that with the parents first?!  These kiddos must have been VERY good this year (they were!)

Coolest Christmas morning crowd ever.

More Christmasing with my folks

Christmasing with Hubby's parents as well.

Visit from dear friends.  Lots of playing (losing) Hanabi and working puzzles!

We should really remember to get their picture before they are sad about having to leave next year...but it was awesome to see our friends.  We also had visits from several other of our favorite people- love Christmas when all our friends come back to visit!

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