Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Want You To Cook...A THEME!

One of my family's favorite things to do is to have a THEME dinner.  We pick a movie, and then cook a meal to go along with it.  My Mom is the master of this.  In the past we've done A Christmas Story, The Muppets, Around the World in 80 Days and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  This year, we were treated to the movie State Fair, and enjoyed our favorite carnival foods.  So delicious and so much fun.  My parents really went all-out this year!
State Fair, 1945

Fair-style lemonade, popcorn and mini donuts
Cheese fries, corndogs and corn on the cob...on a stick!

But the true masterpiece...

Our State Fair is a great State Fair...don't miss it, don't even be late!  It's dollars to donuts that our State Fair is the best State Fair in our state!

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