Friday, January 9, 2015

LOVE this time of year!

Am I the only one who thinks January just flies by?  Happy New Year, I blink my eyes, and it is February- already.  And Valentine's Day.  So this year I am taking advantage of these Snow Days to get a jump on our Valentine's (because three kids, plus a teacher-mommy multiplied by 15+ classmates adds up fast).  Here is a few cute ideas I've found...

Printable Valentines:

Frozen Themed
Minecraft Themed
Despicable Me Themed
Disney Themed
My Little Pony Themed
Sofia the First Themed
Sesame Street Themed
Superhero Themed
Shakespeare Themed

There are TONS of these available- do a Google search or look on Pinterest for characters that your kids like.

Of course, you can also go "old-school" and give your kids construction paper, doilies, stickers and crayons and let them go to town- those are always my favorite kind of Valentine.

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