Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snow Day Boredom Busters

Another Snow Cold day here...which means that my oldest has not even gone back to school after break yet.  Thought I'd post a few of our favorite easy, you probably already have most of this stuff activities.  Have fun!

  • Bring a bucket of snow inside.  Put it on a towel or in the tub.  Throw in a few measuring spoons and give the kids some mittens.  
  • Tinker with toys you have.  Grab a screwdriver- it is perfectly safe.
  • Fancy baths- add balloons (fill some with water and some with air), bubbles, dolls, monster trucks, DIY tub paints , or add glow sticks and turn off the lights.  
  • Make snow shooters from cups and cotton balls. 
  • Actually play with all those stuffed animals residing in your home.  Make disguises for them, or set up a vet's office and give them all check-ups.
  • Do experiments.  Check out this fun blubber experiment, or just give your kids a tray with some vinegar, a syringe from that last round of antibiotics and a box of baking soda.
  • Blanket fort!
  • Pandora Dance Party- I recommend the 50's Rock n' Roll station if the thought of listening to the Frozen soundtrack again makes you wince.
  • Freeze won't take long!
  • Make Valentines.  You'll thank yourself in a few weeks.  There are tons of printable ones good for classmates and teachers.  Google it.
  • Playdough zoo, playdough snowmen, or playdough anything!
  • Sort toys by material.  More fun than it sounds.  Try it.
  • Build a Rube-Goldberg machine.  But first watch this OK Go video.
  • Measure out quantities of rice, beans, water, whatever.  Again, more fun than it sounds.
  • Make a Lego-building game. The link is just a picture, but grab a marker...I believe in you.
  • Princess fans?  Do some math.  Or change it into dinosaur teeth if that's more your style. Again, grab a marker.
  • Space-themed sensory all-time favorite at our house.  Or just throw some flour and a scoop in a bin and ready the vacuum.
And if all else fails and your kids are running wild, let them play with the blender.  Yes.  For real.  Give them the safety demo, the LID, and let them at it. You'll be amazed what they will come up with.  You really don't have to try obligation whatsoever.  You probably will though, won't you?, too.

Happy Snow Day.  Have some fun- the kind that would never make it on Pinterest.  Your kids won't care!

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