Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break Update

I blink my eyes and here we are at Spring Break (don't be fooled by the foot of snow we got today, it is Spring Break!).  What have we been up to lately?  Plenty...none of it blogging...but plenty!

1. I started my own school! As we approached the "what are we doing next year for school/teaching/life" discussion we have each year at this time, Hubby finally talked me into following a dream I've had for a long time.  He argued, and I couldn't disagree, that the time was right.  The kids are the right age, we have the right space in our home, the stars just seemed to be aligned.  So I have opened my own Early Childhood program.  So far I am teaching Music and Art classes, but plan to expand to a playschool and more programs as I get my licensing in order.  I was a bit concerned that I would have no students (hello insecurity), but I have been pleasantly surprised with the mix of dear friends who are supporting me by enrolling their kiddos, and new families who have heard about the school.  I am having a lot of fun with it, and hope it grows to be a great community for everyone involved.

2. We have a teenager!  Our latest Safe Families child is a 17 year old girl, and she is beyond awesome.  We had some fairly serious discussions about whether or not it was wise to take a teenager with our eldest being only 7.  In the end, as is usually the case, we came up with few logical reasons to say yes, but an overwhelming sense that we were meant to say yes, so we threw caution to the wind, moved furniture upstairs and welcomed her into the family.  She is awesome, and we are so thrilled to have her staying with us for who knows how long.  The kids think she is a rock star and frankly, we do too.  She's really busy with school and work, so we don't see her all that much, but we really enjoy our time with her.  We tell her she really should be careful or she's going to give teenagers a good name!  And for the record, we are NOT (quite) old enough to be her parents :)

3. We are struggling again with Mr Lego and his school experience.  Spring is typically a difficult season for him, and this year is no exception...he is struggling with school and less his happy self at home.  School conferences yield many good questions, but few answers.  We are blessed with so many caring people working hard to help him, but to be honest, we are growing weary of hearing professionals tell us that "they don't know what to tell us, but he really is a sweet and fascinating child." Yes, we know that...we adore him and are fascinated as well (I mean this kid could list the states in reverse alphabetical order by state capital as a toddler...he really is fascinating) but isn't there ANYONE out there who has some answers for us?  It seems like the majority of kids "like him" are homeschooled...and while we do homeschool one day a week, we are not ready to give up on the hope that our public school can provide at least some of what he needs. Our latest "its worth a shot" is some Occupational Therapy to explore some sensory issues to see if that helps him be a happier camper.  We shall see.  At least he's never boring...and he laughs at my bad puns.  Definitely a keeper.

4. In Flower news, her legs are coming along very well now that we are a year post-serial-casting.  Her toe-walking is really gone, the range of motion in her calves and feet is wonderful, and we are starting to wean her out of her leg braces a bit at a time.  She is still working hard to improve her gait and keep her center of mass back.  Right now she is in her AFOs (braces) about 20 hours a day...some days more, some days less.  She will wear night braces for many years to come, but we hope she can be out of day braces by the time she starts Kindergarten this Fall.  The best news is that we are finished with our PT down in the city and we are going to complete her treatment with our beloved Physical Therapist two minutes down the road.  I won't miss those snowy drives down to the city (though I might miss our lunch dates on the way).  We are FINALLY seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and it feels good!

5. Meanwhile, Little Bee continues to be our thumb-sucking, "hair-twiggling" joy.  She is bright and happy and loves to sit us all down on the couch to watch her "dance class moves."  She adores preschool and has joined right into the imaginative play with her siblings here at home.  She's a blast.

6. We had a huge Tae-Kwon-Do Winter...Lego and Hubby both tested for their black belts, I tested for my Half-Black, Flower tested for her purple belt, and Little Bee joined us in class, earning her white belt.  It is SO fun to do this as a whole family now, and we log a LOT of hours at the TKD studio.

So, that's life in these parts, more or less.  We're working on a few home projects, looking forward to some serious gardening when the snow finally melts and keeping up with the day to day.  Life is really, really good right now, we feel very blessed!


  1. Your posts are always so inspiring to me. What an awesome family you have!

  2. Your posts are always so inspiring to me. What an awesome family you have!

  3. So much to smile about here. Your "not quite old enough" comment reminded me of a steady babysitting job through my college years. The oldest daughter was just 3-4 years younger than me and introduced me to her friends as her stepsister.