Monday, June 1, 2015

Serial Casting- THE FINAL UPDATE!

After a year and a half, we are super thrilled to announce that Flower is DONE with the serial casting/daily physical therapy/AFOs for her toe-walking.  Hooray!!  She has made great progress, and while her gait is not 100% perfect, we (along with her therapists) made the decision that it is good enough for everything she wants to do - run, walk, skip, climb trees, ride her bike - and it is not going to cause her any sort of back or knee pain in the future.  She is out of her day braces almost completely now- though we are keeping a watchful (obsessive?) eye to make sure she stays off those toes.  Honestly though, we never see her up on her toes anymore.

She will continue to wear night braces for the next 10 years to maintain the length of her calf muscles that she gained during the serial casting.  She'll pop in to see her PT now and then to get her night braces adjusted and for evaluations, but for all intents and purposes, we're calling it done.

Thanks for following along and supporting us on this long has been a great encouragement to know so many people were rooting for her!

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