About Us

Who's Who Around Here:

I am a mom of three children, and host children through the Safe Families for Children program.  Once upon a time I taught Kindergarten in the inner city, but now I happily stay at home with my children and dabble in domestic pursuits- cooking, sewing, crafting, and mostly cleaning.  I spend a lot of time drinking coffee at playdates with friends, at church, at the library, at the taekwondo studio, at Target...and at the pediatrician's office.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and with every passing year he is bringing out more of the nerd in me.  We love board games like Settlers of Catan and Dominion, and rumor has it that I might have logged onto Minecraft once or twice (don't tell my kids).  I'm glad you found my blog and I hope you enjoy it!

Hubby is my best friend and husband of 8 years.  We met at band camp...yes, we know you want to be as cool as we are.  He is a super talented computer guy and an even more wonderful daddy.  He is a great gardener, fantastic road-trip partner and doesn't even roll his eyes when I ask him to move our furniture!

Lego is my six year old son.  He is awesome and quirky and intense and a lot of fun.  He is a human GPS with a passion for maps and geography, and has gotten his poor mother un-lost on more than one occasion.  Hubby often reminds me that one day he'll be off to college and then I'll have to navigate on my own.  

Flower is my four year old daughter.  She has a love for all things princess and is magnetically drawn towards any mud puddle in a mile radius.  She wears cowboy boots with every outfit, has visited the ER more times than all the others put together, and knows her mind.  She has a great imagination and can usually be found telling someone in our house how to play.  Including everyone is important to her- there are no strangers, only friends waiting to be met.

Little Bee is two.  She likes to keep us at a healthy level of worry at all times.  She is our old soul- enjoying every stage of her life to the fullest and is in no rush to move on to the next thing.  She gives the best snuggles and nothing escapes her notice.  She is into books, bows and being carried around like the baby of the family should be.

Safe Families for Children Placements:

Little Man-  1 month 2/2013- 2 year old boy.  Our first placement!  Super sweet toddler boy with dimples you wouldn't believe.  

Little Miss-  2 weeks 4/2013- 2 year old girl, with us two weeks, very sweet and a true girly girl who loved "neigh neighs."  UPDATE- this sweetie was adopted and is living a happily-ever-after with her new family!

Little Guy- 1 week 5/2013- 2 year old boy, coined our favorite phrase, "I got, I got, I got boo boo in my Pamper!"

Baby Boy- 2 weeks 5/2013- five months old.  Super cute little chunker, great eater and wonderful sleeper.  Enjoys snuggles and Downton Abbey.

Mam- 5 days 6/2013- 4 year old girl.  She is bright, articulate and loves to play make-believe.

Sprint- 1 month 9/2013- turned 4 during the month he was with us.  Loves to ride bikes, play basketball and is a super fast runner.  Fit right in with our crew...he and Flower are just the same age.

"B"- hosted for 4 months 10/2013, again 5/2014- 5 year old boy.  He is sweeter than pie, loves his mama and started Kindergarten at our local school.  He was a firefighter for Halloween and it made him very happy!

"N"- 11 year old girl with us for a few days in 2/2014.  She is the oldest of five and was a big helper to our little ones.  She enjoyed sewing a skirt with me, and singing and demonstrating step team moves for us.

"K and K"- 2 and 4 year old sisters with us for a week in 4/2014.  Very sweet girls who loved playing in our mud pie kitchen and taking walks down to the river!

Baby J- 11 month old girl, 6 weeks 7/2014.  Adorable baby girl who just about learned to walk.  We were able to celebrate her birthday with her family and other host families in August.

The family- 5, 8 and 10 year old girls and their mother, 9/2014.  This family stayed with us and shared their culture (and cooking) while they waited to get into transitional housing.

Mr. B- 4 1/2 year old boy with us for a few months 11/2014- 1/2015.  This little one became a real part of the family and we got to share Christmas with him.

Our first teenager- 17 year old girl, with us for 6 months of 2015.  She is super awesome, really fun to talk with, very independent and kind, and she has allayed our fears of the coming teenage years in our house.

J- 5 year old boy, stayed with us for two weeks in July, 2015.  Sweet, active boy who LOVED musicals, singing and dancing.  He knew the soundtrack from Annie by heart!

D- 2 year old boy, Sept 2015-